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The Art W.E.B. (The W.E.B.) of Oakland, CA was created to house and display multi-media creative processes and products of local Bay area artists and artisans.  “W.E.B.” stands for “Womyn Enter Boldly.”  Womyn artists are especially encouraged to participate in the development and direction of their own works in this space and/or (development and direction) of the collective uniqueness and energy of the W.E.B. studio and gallery created as a result of their contribution.  While the W.E.B. originated to empower womyn artists, the goal of inclusivity and community-building, in Oakland and the greater Bay Area, in the art-making process is vitally important.  The W.E.B. philosophy prioritizes the value of eclectic and ethnically, spiritually, and otherwise diverse artist populations as a representation of a modern Bay Area and global cross-section at large.  The W.E.B. and The W.E.B. Gallery called home to six (6) dance, movement, and healing art instructors and three (3) Visual Artists in-residence, respectively, from November 2012 to November 2014.  The mission of The W.E.B. is on-going though the physical venue is not currently in operation.  The W.E.B. is directed by Janey Marshall.

jane_bioJane C. Marshall is a freelance contemporary dance choreographer, dancer, and artist based in Oakland. She is Artistic Director of Inslacks Dance, et al. (I.D.e.a.), a rotating collective of dancers engaging in collaborations with independent Bay Area musicians; and owner of The Art W.E.B., an Art Gallery, Dance Studio and multi-use creative educational and event space, in downtown Oakland. Artist influences are Robert Rauschenberg, Merce Cunningham, Ellie Klopp, Kara Davis, Pat Graney and studies in Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Brazilian music and dance. Jane is a Cleveland, Ohio native.