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"The Alegre Sisters."  C.J. and Lauren Alegre. WEB Grande Opening. 
Photo by Nigel Mulligan.
"The Alegre Sisters."  C.J. and Lauren Alegre. WEB Grande Opening.  Photo by Nigel Mulligan.

WEB Beginnings, Year in review


“Meet the W.E.B” Friday, October 4, 2013

First Friday Celebration! Meet new movement teachers and Sylvia La
art opening. An evening to meet the teachers, the artists, some students and the new Art W.E.B. intern!

Ladyfest Oakland

Friday, September 13, 2013 8:00pm
It’s Friday the 13th and Ladyfest is gettin’ its freak on!
This is the first music show of the festival and we’re
kicking things off with a few bangs, a few whimpers, some
melodious harmonies, soul, and a lot quirky queerness.
Let’s get this party started!

“Live in The Living Room”

June 2013
An evening of live theatre bites, skits, impromptus, comedy
acts, dance, and live RAP rapture!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Wednesdays. Beginner and Intermediate Salsa.
Beginners: 630-8p. Intermediate: 8-930p.
Alexandria Nichandros introduced
LGBTQ Salsa and Belly Dance classes. Catering to Oakland and
the Bay Queer community.
For more info,see:
or contact Alexandria at

Grande Opening, Sunday April 7, 2013!

We had a SPLENDID day full of fashion, food (thank you Susan
Fenelon!), friends and freakishly fabulous art (musical and
visual) to celebrate The W.E.B.’s birth!  Music by Mama
Crow, BeRN, The Alegre Sisters, Lark, Hot Tin Roof, visual
art by Rosarie McHugh and Haley
Summerfield. 302 guests

Oakland’s International Womyn’s Day Festival, 2013 Saturday March 9, 2013

This is our very first MAJOR event
at The W.E.B!! The goddesses had it in mind for Rebecca and
I to meet and get the ball rolling! Organized by Rebecca Crump, Cheryl Siecker, Arnetta Smith, and Michelle Ternus-Nugent. “Proud to host at The W.E.B. this Saturday, March 9 our first International
Women’s Day, 11a-5p, 355 12th St., Oakland!” Janey