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flyerCARNAVAL DANCE SERIES: Bloco Afro, Samba-Reggae é Samba Axé

Regina Califa of nzo.califa Dance Works

Some of Bahia’s most popular Carnaval Dance forms steeped in stylized African Dance traditions and influenced by contemporary dance forms of today. We’ll Dance to captivating beats and pulses rocking Dance moves to Samba Reggae, to “Mexe-mexe” challenging Samba Axé combos. This series will give particular focus upon the Dance elegance of Bahia’s 1st Bloco Afro movement Ilê Aiyê and its coin-phrased form “Candomble da Rua”, while identifying influences of spiritual traditions and movement.


200Adv/Int Modern
with Jennifer Meek

Jump start your hump day by skillfully enlivening the body and mind as we explore how to move with more power, clarity and ease. We’ll play with gravity, articulate the joints and find full presence in each moment. Kick your old habits, cultivate new pathways and challenge your perceived limitations.

vic_clasSalsa with Víctor Solís

This class will introduce you into the world of Cuban salsa and rueda de casino, by learning the fundamental elements of the dances that preceded Cuban salsa: son, rumba, and other afro-Cuban dances. First and foremost, students will familiarize themselves with the clave, the heartbeat of all Cuban dances, as well as learn how to dance on different timings. This knowledge will enrich their methodological and rhythmic understanding of Cuban salsa. Due to the fact that dance is always evolving, this class will also incorporate basic raeggeton moves that one could use in their salsa steps.


A fun, high energy, endurance building, cardio dance workout!!!
Bringing together the many dance styles and movements to the sweet sounds of soca music. Creating a space for you to feel comfortable at any level of movement you are at. Soca music is the high energy music from the Caribbean islands that is played during carnival festival time. Please like her on Facebook: soca rhythm and movement.

Peer Practices photo

Peer Practices

Peer Practices blows apart the teacher-student dynamic by working as peers and satisfying the adult mover’s desire for autonomy! What motivates us to work once the desire to impress our esteemed elders is out of the equation? Perhaps the satisfaction of refining our skills, or of exploring our habits through movement, or simply the kinesthetic pleasure of dancing. The training supports maturing as an artist–instead of waiting for instruction, work in dyads will encourage everyone to more actively participate. Each week meet a new facilitator proposing a structured format laced with questions that we together will interact, exchange and research. Interested in teaching or have questions? Contact at


RhythmMuse is an all women’s drum ensemble located in Oakland CA. RhythmMuse fuses traditional sounds with contemporary hip-hop, funk, and R&B beats and matches its vibrant and powerful sound with graceful movements and choreography. RhythmMuse demonstrates that drumming can provide women a powerful voice and is a means of self-expression and realization on a rhythmic, spiritual and political level. Utilizing movement, art and music as vital tools of empowerment and healing, RhythmMuse is committed to affecting positive change in the community and world at large and sharing the love, beauty and strength of women.